AURORA, the northern lights

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Scandinavian music, like the landscapes of the North, is characterized by its very own hues of light – mysterious colors from a twilight universe in new shades. In AURORA, BREEZE interpretes compositions by Scandinavian composers who set the moods of their homeland to floating sounds. In addition to the quintet by the great Danish symphonist Carl Nielsen, the program also includes works by Anders Hillborg and Kalevi Aho, two of Scandinavia’s leading contemporary composers. The program is rounded off by imaginative arrangements for woodwind quintet by the incomparable Icelandic songwriter Björk. In the concert version with (optional) video installation by video artist Paul Biessmann, AURORA becomes an all-round-experience, in which nature and light merge.


AURORA, the northern lights


Jill Jeschek, flute

Juri Vallentin, oboe

Annelien Van Wauwe, clarinet

Marceau Lefèvre, bassoon

Přemysl Vojta, horn

Paul Biessmann, video artist (optional)


Commission ‘Aurora’: Jelle Tassysns (1979–)


Björk (1965–) Selection of songs (cover)


Kalevi Aho (1949–) Wind Quintet No. 1 (2006)

I Agitato – Cantando

II Vivace, leggiero – Allegro marcato

III Marziale, pesante – Furioso – Tempo I

IV Andante, con tristezza


– Interval –


Anders Hilborg (1954–) Six Pieces for Wind Quintet


Björk (1965–) Selection of songs (cover)


Carl Nielsen (1865–1931) Wind Quintet Op. 43

I Allegro ben moderato

II Menuet

III Praeludium – Theme with Variations